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‘I Am Los Angeles’ director Joris Debeij launches kickstarter campaign for ‘The Rider’

After producing the online short documentaries I Am Los Angeles, the Dutch Emmy Award winning director Joris Debeij launched a kickstarter campaign for his new film. The Rider is about a veteran bull rider on a ranch of Northern California. The cowboy, originally from Texas, uses an unique method to train for the perfect bull ride: ‘at the center of every successful performance is his dedication to meditative practices.’

‘Through compassionate film making we can reflect a smaller and more beautiful interesting world’ says Debeij in his kickstarter video. It will be an extension of the I Am Los Angeles web series, ‘an extension with a twist’.

The young Emmy Award winner was born and raised in the Netherlands. In LA, he started the I am Los Angeles web series, an online documentary project about unique people who make Los Angeles what it is. He tries to ‘showcase stories that normally don’t get any attention.’ His latest film tells the story about Terrance, a 17 year old boy with a severe depression. 

The crew started making films for I Am Los Angeles three years ago and is already working on the 30th film of the web series: ‘It’s a great project to work on. Everyone in our team is really enthusiastic’, says Debeij. He thinks his success can be found in ‘creating something different, creating something that separates you from the rest.’ ‘There is a lot of competition out there. But by telling different stories and using different ways to shoot the film, it gets you out of the mass’, according to Debeij.

Joris Debeij

Joris Debeij

About the kickstarter campaign Debeij says that ‘all help is welcome. We started making these films out of passion and it is warmly welcomed by a larger audience. The films are published on a website free of advertising. This means that the whole project is based on donations and those donations are the reason that we can keep doing what we are doing,’ Debeij explains. The funds will be used for other travel expenses, accommodation and food.

Are you interested in contributing to the new film of Joris Debeij? Read more about the kickstarter campaign here.

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