Dutch YouTube Stars nominated at Los Angeles Web Festival


The Los Angeles Web Festival is the oldest and largest web series festival in the world. The goal is to expose and educate the web series community and audience. It is an international festival and this year two Dutch You Tube Stars are nominated: Bardo Ellens (Banjomovies) and Mert Ugurdiken (Mertabi).
Bardo Ellens has been nominated four times. For Outsanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Director (Bardo Ellens and Ivan Lopez Nunez), Outstanding Cinematography and Outstanding Visual/Special Effects. Bardo’s Film Gebeuren is the name of his interactive film and show.
Mert Ugurdiken has been nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor (Mert Ugurdiken) and Outstanding Comedy Series for his show Marokkaan geeft Rijles.
The awards ceremony will take place April 4th in the Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City Hotel. Read more about the festival here.

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