Holland Hollywood Business Event

You are looking to enter the U.S. market, but have questions on how to structure your American business. You would you like to know how to manage legal risks, while achieving your business goals in the U.S.  And you are also wondering how to obtain U.S. work permits for your key employees.

The Holland Hollywood Connection organizes an event where experts from Gibbs Giden, Protea Group, Sostrin Immigration Lawyers and Bank of the West will each give a presentation to answer these questions and address other relevant topics, such as banking in the U.S., and setting up an administrative system according to American standards.

Wednesday April 8th, from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm, at the office of:

Gibbs Giden – Attorneys at Law

1880 Century Park East 12th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90067-1621

If you would like to attend, please order your ticket here


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