‘Doing Business in the US’ event was a success!


On Wednesday April 8th, the Holland Hollywood Connection successfully organized its first ‘Doing Business in the U.S.’ event, 2015. Members actively participated in discussions as experts from Gibbs Giden, Protea Group, Sostrin Immigration Lawyers and Bank of the West gave presentations about Contract Law, Business Administration, Immigration Law and Banking.

Nathan O’Malley, attorney with Gibbs Giden, has worked in the Netherlands for over 12 years and is well aware of the difficulty some Dutch have with understanding American law. “Every single contract in the U.S. is very long. Every possible thing that can happen, must be written down, it’s very precise.” O’Malley elaborated that contracts in the Netherlands tend to be much more generic as they are written based on trust. He additionally covered an array of other topics among which the significant difference in employer law.

Thomas Riebs from Bank of the West anecdotally described how an American bank sees a new client: “he is at least a terrorist, a drug dealer or a money launderer. Therefore some banks don’t take foreigners as a client. It is good to be warned!”

Paloma Felisberto Bilson from Protea Group, an international business management firm, explained what services her business offers: “From providing a postal address to taking over all the business administration to assisting with obtaining an E2 visa to sponsoring people who need an O1 visa. In short: just relax and everything will be taken care of!”

Immigration lawyer Rita Sostrin gave insight into the long process people go through to obtain a visa. She stressed the importance of submitting as many newspaper articles, website pieces, testimonials, and other any documents displaying applicants their professional success as possible. Unfortunately a lot of trees will be killed for every visa, but her success rate is very high.

All in all, it was an inspiring, fun and informative afternoon! Those present found some answers to questions they had been wondering about in regards to ‘Doing Business in the USA’. Gibbs Giden, sponsor of the Holland Hollywood Connection, accommodated the event and the drinks that followed, which gave all attendants the opportunity to meet and mingle.

If you would like to obtain more information about one of the present companies and/or get in touch with them, please feel free to send an email to hollandhollywoodconnection@gmail.com and you will be put in contact with them directly.

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